Thai Hot Herbal Massage


A unique treatment featuring gently warmed compresses filled with dried plants, roots and leaves. The ingredients selected are known to help treat a wide variety of physical conditions such as back or joint pain, as well as mental issues such as anxiety and fatigue.

The unique combination of specific herbs and heat works to relax and invigorate the body and mind, soothing sore and overworked muscles while boosting energy and reducing inflammation. The Priadara Thai compresses are packed with various health-boosting herbs and essential oils. If used warm, they can be combined with traditional massage, acupressure and stretches. The compresses can be used to perform deep kneading, petrissage or rolling movements on the body, whilst the heat will radiate down through the skin and in to the muscles, melting away tension and soreness.

£60.00 for 60 minutes

For an appointment or further information please phone us on:

01485 535321