Bach Flower Consultation

A complete healing system that uses the wonderful Dr Bach Flower Essences. There are 38 in total and you will work with your therapist to establish which essences will help support you and bring you back into balance. As Dr Bach said ” We are not here to suffer”.

They help balance our emotions and weak negative mental states thereby allowing the body to heal itself and strengthen. The Flower Essences are very safe and gentle and can be used along side prescriptive medicines. They can also be used for babies and children having quite remarkable calming effects.

Used for fears, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness, grief, guilt, depression, basically covering all negative human emotions.

Bach Flower Consultation
£45.00 for 60 minute session
£7.00 Personal Blend made to your requirements

For an appointment or further information please phone us on:

01485 535321